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We know that your engagement photos will one day tell a part of your story, the loving narrative of your history together. That is why, at Studio Works, we offer wedding packages that automatically include an engagement photo session and engagement photos. This arrangement ensures continuity between your engagement and your wedding photos.

In addition, by the time your wedding day finally arrives, you will have already established a bond of trust and confidence with your wedding photographer that will enable any jitters that you had about photos on your special day to melt away. The same timeless love that was captured during your engagement photography session will effortlessly come to life on your special day.

Wedding Photography

When viewing the portfolios of the many talented wedding photographers in Narrabri, it quickly becomes apparent that each has his or her own strengths and a creative flair of their own to offer. One of the things that sets Marsella apart, besides her technical expertise and artful eye, is the manner in which she puts her subjects at ease, allowing the true essence of the wedding and the people present to sparkle without suffering stage fright because a photographer is present. In fact, Marsella is so gifted in keeping a low-key presence that there may even be times when you wonder if he is getting the important shots. That having been said, Marsella also possesses the expertise to take charge and quickly arrange your posed photos when the time comes.

When you arrange for Studio Work’s wedding photography in Narrabri, you will get a combination of standard wedding photos mixed with the exciting and vibrant memories that made your wedding uniquely yours. In addition, you will benefit from the calming and reassuring presence that arises from Marsella’s experience, making your wedding photos one less thing to stress about before your big day arrives. In fact, Marsella’s own serene, steadying demeanor may rub off on the two of you, enabling you to truly enjoy all of the joy, excitement, and love as you begin your life together.


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