Family & School Photography By Studio Works

When you need a family photographer, you want someone who will be able to capture your essence as a family in a way that preserves your memories in portrait photography that is natural and accurately and appropriately expressive. With Studio Works, you get a photographer who places great emphasis on the importance of family and creating enduring photos that look natural and relaxed.

Portrait photography that looks fake or seems unnatural is from a bygone era of what is acceptable for a family photos. Even when taking posed photos of your family, Marsella takes the time to make sure that every family member is relaxed, comfortable, and visibly at ease with the photography session. By the time your family photography session with Studio Works is done, everyone will be feeling, acting, and most importantly, looking like their very best natural, expressive selves.

School Photography

School pictures bring back memories of years gone by. However, they can sometimes bring back memories of how awkward and unnatural school pictures sometimes were. When you want positive, natural, and honest photographs of your students, you want Studio Works. Marsella takes school photos with the same approach that he brings to all of his photography: with an eye to capturing the most natural, genuine, unhampered expression of emotion and feeling possible. Marsella will capture dynamic photos of students in natural light, outdoors, where they will feel free to be themselves. There are no two students in any school that look, act, or think exactly alike. With Marsella and Studio Works, you will not get school photos that try to fit every student into a one-size-fits-all element; you will get an insightful and artistic look into who the students really are.




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