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At Studio Works, we love people and the many opportunities they provide for capturing their emotions and the priceless moments of their lives – and especially their faces – with professional photography that is vibrant and expressive. Think about how the face of a relative lights up, maybe at a family reunion or a holiday celebration, when you walk into a room after not having seen them for a long time.

That reaction is not the same sort of expression that you are likely to notice in the framed studio portrait pictures that hang on the walls of your home. The difference? A smile that comes from real emotion. Your relative’s smile is a reaction that comes from deep seated feelings. It is saved for you, because you are someone that is known and loved.

Similarly, Studio Works relies upon those same emotions and relationships to evoke the true and multifaceted faces of our subjects. Real people do not have one stoic expression that never changes. Real faces are animated and alive. Sometimes they can be joyful, at other times playful, and even sometimes deep in thought, but always expressive of who they truly are. Life isn’t about one expression, one look, or one response, so your photos shouldn’t be, either. At Studio Works, we recognize that fact, and we do whatever it takes to ensure that our photos display it.

A Passion for Photography Marsella Morris began building her photography business, Studio Works, many years ago. While it is her profession, more importantly, photography is the delight of her heart and Marsella’s true passion. Marsella has a knack and true talent for capturing the living, vibrant faces of her subjects in every photography session, whether he is taking formally posed pictures as your family photographer, capturing a sentimental moment between mother and child in a newborn photo, or obtaining fabulously playful child photography shots on a playground.

Marsella believes that though photographers in Narrabri may be called upon to take photos in a variety of venues for various occasions, the finished product should always be about the people involved. That is why Marsella can move seamlessly from serving as a wedding photographer on one day to being a newborn photographer the next. In each instance, she will perfectly capture the inner emotions, life, and artistic expression of each face – each moment – each memory.




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