Maternity & Baby Photography By Studio Works

Pregnancy is an exciting, sentimental, joyous, and emotional time for any mother. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have experienced pregnancy before, at Studio Work, we know that each maternity experience is as different as the individuals that are birthed from them. And, each pregnancy begins a bond of love, nurturing, and respect between you and your child that will last a lifetime. Studio Work offers incomparable maternity photography in Narrabri thanks to Marsella’s gift for being able to encapsulate in photographic form the miracle that is your pregnancy.

With Studio Works, you will get photos that express the very poignant beauty of your pregnancy. And, because having pictures of your baby as both a preborn and newborn will give both you and eventually your child an amazing perspective on those first historical months, Studio Work has a maternity/newborn package so that you can have all of those before and after photos. What an incredible gift you will one day be able to give to your child: pictures of you as a family together, before the birth had even happened!

Newborn/Baby/Child Photography

Whatever kinds of offspring photos you need , Studio Works will give you timeless, one-of-a-kind photographs at each stage of your child’s development. Whether taking pictures of the magic that is your newborn or the dexterity of your six-year-on the playground, Marsella will provide you with incredibly animated and gorgeous photos that pinpoint in a moment in time the wonder that is your child in a classic, timeless fashion that is, at the same time, fresh and alive.

Baby photography can be tricky, at best. Babies like to be warm and feel snug and secure, and our weather does not always lend itself to that. Marsella will always take the time to ensure that your baby is comfortable and feels safe before ever trying to set a pose or take a picture. Studio Works is always all about capturing what’s real about the faces and lives of the subjects.







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